Montreal ski fanatic hits slopes on 5 continents in 2018

What started as a good old-fashioned challenge by a ski buddy turned into an adventure of a lifetime for Noah Jacobs: skiing on five continents — plus Iceland — in 2018.

Noah Jacobs skied in Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Europe

Noah Jacobs managed to ski on five continents last year. (Submitted by Noah Jacobs)

When Noah Jacobs's skiing buddy John first told him he was hitting the slopes at least once every month, Jacobs joined him in the challenge.

But with John already at 150 consecutive months, Jacobs realized he'd never catch up.

So how to one-up his friend?

"I read something about skiing in Africa and thought, 'you know what, if I ski Africa and South America, then of course North America — oh and I want to go back to Japan — that's like four continents,'" Jacobs said.

"So that's (when I) decided to make that a five-continent challenge."

Jacobs says skiing in Japan, near Sapporo, was like being in a video game with all the lights and sounds. (Submitted by Noah Jacobs)

Challenge met

While skiing in North America was easy, Jacobs made his way to Morocco in February 2018 so that he could cross Africa off his list.

While on that side of the Atlantic, he decided to fit in a trip to France.

In the summer, he went down to Chile, and he spent the Christmas holidays on the slopes in Japan.

"The cool thing about these trips is you get a chance to meet lots of people," said Jacobs.

Jacobs said it was interesting to see the stark difference between skiing in Morocco and in Japan.

"Africa was not developed at all, with rope tows and all … and then skiing in Japan is like a video game. There are lights and sounds and bells and whistles."

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