Montreal skateboarders flock to the streets in annual event

Skateboarders of all ages participated in the Sunday afternoon event, which included a parade, competitions and a barbecue.

Second annual event included competitions, a parade and some help from the Montreal police

For the second year in a row, skateboarders took freely and safely to the streets and main arteries of Montreal.

The Descente de Skateboard event celebrates urban skateboarding whether it is for fun or used as an active mode of transportation.

Skateboarders of all ages participated in the Sunday afternoon event, which included a parade, competitions and a barbecue.

Organizer David Bouthillier, better known as David Boots, said the gathering was meant to bring in skateboarders of all ages and levels.

"It teaches a lot of self-confidence and becoming an individual but you're still part of a community at the same time," he said.

Some found their passion for skateboarding fairly early on. (Kalina Laframboise/CBC)

Hundreds skated from Skate Plaza Montréal on de Maisonneuve Boulevard and de Lorimier Avenue to Place de la Paix in the Quartier des Spectacles.

The event was also meant to highlight the links between the skateboarding community, the city and the Montreal police, according to Bouthilier.

In 2014, the city legalized skateboarding at Place de la Paix during daylight hours, and just last year, skateboards were given the okay to use bike lanes.

"Montreal is setting the precedent and setting an example," Bouthillier said. "It seems like we're doing better than anywhere else in North America in my opinion. Who else is legalizing skateboarding?"

David "Boots" Bouthillier hopes to bring more skateboarding to the city. (Kalina Laframboise/CBC)