Montreal shop owner refused bail after shooting

Granting bail to the owner of an Old Montreal boutique where two men were killed and two others wounded in a shooting on Friday would put the public's safety at risk, a judge ruled Monday.
Police examine the scene at a clothing store in Old Montreal where four people were shot on March 18. ((Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press))
Granting bail to the owner of an Old Montreal boutique where two men were killed and two others wounded in a shooting on Friday, would put the public’s safety at risk, a judge ruled Monday.

Ducarme Joseph, was ordered to remain behind bars pending his upcoming trial on assault charges.

The 41-year-old was arrested Friday on allegations he violated bail conditions imposed on him last year. He was also charged with being in possession of a prohibited weapon — a silencer that was found in his apartment.

On Monday, Joseph pleaded guilty to charges he breached his bail conditions by associating with individuals named by the court.

During the bail hearing, two Montreal police detectives described Joseph as the most dangerous street gang member in Montreal and accused him of already plotting revenge for Friday’s shooting.

Joseph is the leader of the 67 gang, named after a bus route in Montreal’s Saint-Michel district, and affiliated with the Crips gang, also known as the Blues, said Det.Jean-Claude Gauthier and Det. Pascal Leclair.

Plotting revenge

Within 90 minutes of the shooting Friday afternoon, Joseph was in Saint-Michel, where an informant said he met with a hitman known as Gunman, the detectives said.

The following morning, Joseph travelled to the offices of real estate developer Antonio Magi, a man police said is known to have links to the Montreal mafia.
According to court documents filed by police, Ducarme Joseph is a reputed street gang leader. ((CBC))

Magi’s offices on Upper Lachine Road in the city’s Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district are meters away from the spot where the son of the reputed head of the Montreal mafia, Nick Rizzuto Jr., was gunned down in December.

When he was arrested, Ducarme was unarmed said the officers. But, they said he was carrying a hand-drawn picture of a man. Underneath, it read "does he have pictures of the guys to be eliminated."

Ducarme, also believed to be a practitioner of voodoo, was also carrying an amulet which contained a prayer he believed made him untouchable, the detectives said.

The detectives said Ducarme expressed no remorse for the shooting at his boutique, which killed a man described as Ducarme’s bodyguard.

Crown prosecutor Anne-Marie Otis argued Ducarme should forfeit the $50,000 bond he had posted last year and argued that releasing him could pose a threat to the community.

Professional hit

Investigators believe Joseph was the intended target of the attack at the Flawnego boutique.

Police have speculated that the professionally executed slayings were an act of retaliation connected to the criminal underworld.

Police sources have said the incident, which created a stir in an area popular with tourists, may be related to the slaying of Rizzuto.

Rizzuto was the son of the reputed head of the Montreal mafia, Vito Rizzuto.

Vito Rizzuto is currently in a medium-security prison in Colorado, serving a 10-year sentence for racketeering in connection with three murders in Brooklyn, N.Y., in 1981.