Montreal protesters denounce Energy East, Enbridge Line 9 pipelines

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joined a protest against Energy East and Enbridge Line 9 pipelines, saying her party is the only one that rejects all proposals.

Demonstrators call for an end to transportation of fossil fuels across Quebec and Canada

Protesters say it is time to find alternative energy sources in Canada. (Tanya Birkbeck/CBC)

Protesters marched through the streets of Montreal Saturday afternoon to denounce the Energy East and Enbridge Line 9 pipelines.

Organized by the Coalition Étudiants et étudiantes contre les oléoducs, the demonstration called for an end to the transportation of fossil fuel in Quebec.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who attended the protest, said her party is the only one that currently opposes all pipeline project proposals.

"The question isn't whether you put unprocessed bitumen on rail or on pipelines," said May. "The question is why are you trying to transport an unprocessed solid that comes out of the oil sands, across the country, to get to tankers to ship to other countries, where they will have jobs in other countries refining the product?" 
Green Party Leader Elizabeth May joins a march in downtown Montreal against pipelines. (Tanya Birkbeck/CBC)

Organizer Anthony Garoufalis-Auger said that Canadians are looking for a change in government come the Oct. 19 federal election.

"We've seen what happened when your economy depends on one resource, and we got hit hard recently, and Canadians want a change," said Garoufalis-Auger.