Montreal organized crime raids: The faces behind the arrests

Major raids connected to drug trafficking in and around Montreal this morning have led to the arrest of key players linked to organized crime. Find out more about them.

Operation targeted 'supply and the distribution of drugs in Montreal'

Members of the Hells Angels, including Gregory Woolley, pictured here, were arrested in police raids Thursday morning targeting organized crime and drug trafficking in the Montreal area. (Patrick Sanfaçon/LaPresse)

Major raids connected to drug trafficking in and around Montreal this morning have led to the arrest of key players with alleged links to organized crime.

Montreal police, the Sûreté du Québec and the RCMP carried out raids involving more than 200 officers in Montreal, Longueuil, Laval and in the lower Laurentians and the Lanaudière region.

Here is a rundown of some key figures police say they arrested Thursday.

Maurice 'Mom' Boucher

Maurice 'Mom' Boucher, already serving a sentence for a pair of first-degree murders, was arrested in his cell as part of the operation. (Radio-Canada)

This man once headed the Montreal chapter of the Hells Angels. Boucher was arrested Wednesday in his Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison cell for his alleged role in a plot to kill Raynald Desjardins​. Boucher is currently serving a life sentence for first-degree murder in the 1997 deaths of two prison guards.

Leonardo Rizzuto

Leonardo Rizzuto, the son of Vito Rizzuto, was among those arrested Thursday. (Alain Roberge/LaPresse)

This man is the son of the late Vito Rizzuto, who was for years described by law enforcement as the godfather of the Montreal Mafia. His brother, Nick Jr., was assassinated in broad daylight in 2009. 

Rizzuto is a practising lawyer. Police allege he is now head of the Montreal Mafia, along with Stefano Sollecito.

Gregory Woolley

Gregory Woolley, a member of the Rockers motorcycle gang, was arrested in the early morning raid on Nov. 19, 2015. (Patrick Sanfaçon/LaPresse) (Patrick Sanfaçon/LaPresse)

Originally from Haiti, Woolley was a member of the Rockers motorcycle gang. Police say that Woolley is a close confidant of former Hells Angels boss Maurice "Mom" Boucher. 

Salvatore Cazzetta 

Salvatore Cazzetta, seen here in the back of a squad car, was also arrested Thursday. (Patrick Sanfaçon/LaPresse)

Cazzetta is a high-ranking member of the Hells Angels. Audio recordings revealed that Cazzetta was part of an arrangement to pay former Montreal police investigator Benoît Roberge to leak information to the organization.

Stefano Sollecito

Stefano Sollecito is the son of Rocco Sollecito, who was filmed several times by the RCMP as part of Operation Colisée. Police allege he is the head of the Montreal Mafia, along with Leonardo Rizzuto.

Loris Cavaliere

A lawyer who has represented the Rizzuto family for years.


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