10 Montreal streets to be pedestrian-only for next 3 summers

The city will put aside $12-million for the pedestrian-zone initiative over the next three years.

Multi-year project will allow businesses to plan, mayor says

The city of Montreal will fund a pedestrian-only project along 10 streets for the next three summers. (Ivanoh Demers/CBC)

Montreal will create 10 pedestrian-only streets for the next three summers, three fewer than last year.

The city is funding the $12-million pedestrian-zone initiative over three consecutive years to help relaunch Montreal's economy.

In 2021, 13 commercial arteries were closed off to cars in seven boroughs across the island for the same purpose.

At a news conference Monday, Mayor Valérie Plante said she was announcing the multi-year plan to give businesses and merchants' associations time to plan for the future.

"The boroughs, business owners, residents, customers, passers-by and tourists appreciate the quality of life offered by pedestrianization projects," she said.

"They have also become a signature and a must of Montreal summers and contribute directly to commercial vitality."

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Plante says pedestrian streets are great for the city, including businesses

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Montreal's mayor lists the reasons why there is broad support for more pedestrian-only streets this summer.

"Montreal's economy has withstood the pandemic, in particular thanks to its local businesses and its neighbourhood life," said Luc Rabouin, the executive committee member in charge of economic development.

The following street segments will be car-free zones:

  • Mont-Royal Avenue, from St-Laurent Boulevard to Fullum Street.
  • Wellington Street, from 6th Avenue to Regina Street.
  • Ste-Catherine Street East, from St-Hubert Street to Papineau Street.
  • Ontario Street East, from Pie-IX Boulevard to Darling Street.
  • Duluth Avenue East, from St-Laurent Boulevard to St-Hubert Street.
  • St-Denis Street, from Sherbrooke Street to de Maisonneuve Boulevard, and Emery Street.
  • Ste-Catherine Street West, from St-Laurent Boulevard to de Bleury Street as well as Clark Street, from de Montigny Street to the loading dock of the Maison du développement durable.
  • Marché-du-Nord Square (Jean-Talon Market), from Casgrain Avenue to Henri-Julien Avenue.
  • Bernard Avenue from Wiseman Avenue to Bloomfield Avenue.
  • de Castelnau Street East from St-Denis Street to de Gaspé Avenue.
Montreal will create 10 pedestrian-only streets for the next three summers. Here is where they are located. (CBC)