Montreal pedestrian bridge can't bear weight

The city of Montreal has closed a west-end pedestrian walkway after engineers inspected the structure Wednesday.
The city of Montreal said it is still safe to drive underneath the pedestrian walkway. (Dan Halton/CBC)

A pedestrian bridge over Highway 520 has been closed off by the city after engineers determined it couldn’t bear the weight of pedestrians walking on it.

The walkway located at 32nd Avenue was inspected Wednesday and shortly afterwards was blocked off.

"This structure will remain closed for an indefinite period of time until our engineers can examine the possibilities —the different scenarios—either to repair the structure or to reconstruct the overpass," said city of Montreal spokesperson Gonzalo Nunez.

Some people chose to hop the barrier and cross the bridge anyway Friday morning. ((Lauren McCallum/CBC))
He said about 400 pedestrians take the walkway every day.

The city says traffic can still safely pass underneath the structure.

The walkway goes through the borough of Lachine and the city of Dorval.

The city is advising pedestrians to use walkways under the highway at the intersection of Highway 13 and at 43rd Avenue.

On Friday morning, people were seen climbing over the barrier to the walkway to cross despite the closure.