Bony Jean-Pierre, man shot during Montreal North drug bust, has died

Bony Jean-Pierre, 46, has died of his injuries after he was shot with a projectile from an "intermediate weapon" by police during a drug raid last Thursday in Montreal North.

46-year-old shot with 'intermediate weapon' while fleeing scene of last Thursday's police raid

Bony Jean-Pierre, 46, died after being shot by a police officer's rubber bullet during a drug raid earlier this month in Montreal North. (Charles Contant/CBC)

Bony Jean-Pierre, 46, has died of his injuries after he was shot by police during a drug raid in Montreal North last Thursday.

The Sûreté du Québec confirmed the man had been struck by a projectile from an "intermediate weapon." 

Police were unable to provide more details, however, this suggests Jean-Pierre was struck by a rubber or plastic bullet.

Struck while fleeing scene

A total of 11 people were arrested in the drug bust on March 31. Two suspects, including Jean-Pierre, tried to flee the scene. 

Police could not say at what range Jean-Pierre was shot nor could they provide other details.

The SQ has been in charge of the investigation since the shooting, since Quebec law stipulates that any police intervention where an arm is discharged or someone is hurt must be investigated by an independent police force. 

Among those arrested in that raid was Dany Villanueva, whose brother Fredy was gunned down and killed by a police officer in a Montreal North park in 2008.

Villanueva was released on Monday with strict conditions. Among those conditions he's not allowed to associate with his co-accused or be found in a certain area in Montreal North.