Comparing Montreal's Metro to NYC, London and more

After 50 years, Montreal's Metro still holds its own against some of the world's most known subway systems in terms of cost, ridership, WiFi and more.

Monthly Metro pass in Montreal costs $83 compared to $141.50 in Toronto, about $150 in New York City

For the Montreal Metro's 50th birthday, we look at how it compares to other subway systems and asked transit users what they thought about it. (Courtesy flagstolen/pintrest, CBC)

The Montreal Metro is now 50 years old and remains one of the most used subway systems in North America. It's also one of the least expensive.

Here are a few comparisons to other subway networks and what people are saying about the Metro system.

What users think

Maya Keshav is a student whose favourite Metro station is the one closest to her home. (Elysha Enos/CBC)

Maya Keshav, student.

  • Likes: "Lionel-Groulx, because of the orange tiles, and it's close to my house."
  • Dislikes: The southwest part of the Green line because those stations don't look maintained.
Jiwon Lee studies dance and her favourite stop brings her close to what she loves. (Elysha Enos/CBC)
Jiwon Lee, student.
  • Likes: Atwater because of the mall and grocery store attached to it and her dance studio is nearby.
  • Dislikes: The construction.
Florian and Jessica are visiting from Nantes, France. They say signage in the Metro could be improved. (Elysha Enos/CBC)
 Florian Terrier, tourist.
  • Likes: The different lines make it easy to get around the city.
  • Dislikes: Lack of signage.

Jessica Duneau, tourist.