Montreal mermaid school offers fantasy and fitness

The AquaMermaid Academy offers course that show people how to look and swim like a mermaid.

AquaMermaid Academy offers classes, photoshoots for mermaids and mermen

CBC's Andie Bennett says using a mono-fin is a lot of fun, and a great workout. (CBC)

Marielle Chartier-Hénault is a professional underwater model and free diver.

One year ago she was asked to do a mermaid photo shoot.

She fell in love with the magical feeling of transforming in to a mermaid and she has since opened the AquaMermaid Academy in Montreal.

The school offers instructional courses and classes that combine a great cardio and core workout with the fantasy of becoming a mermaid. 

"You become like another person," said Chartier-Hénault. "You are not yourself anymore — you're the mermaid and the mermaid can do anything... You can do the style you want. It's a magical creature."

Chartier-Hénault and her qualified swimming instructors teach people how to use the mono-fin.

The classes begin with simple swimming techniques, like the dolphin kick, and how to undulate your body to generate the necessary propulsion to move through the water.

The classes are open to all ages and mermen are also welcome. 

AquaMermaid can set up photo-shoots for individuals who wish to create a mermaid themed photo.

They also offer mermaid-themed parties for the child still obsessed with Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid or the child inside that will never forget the true love of Madison and Allen from the 1980s film Splash


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