4,327 documents returned to Montreal libraries under late fee amnesty

More than 4,000 library late fee dodgers got a reprieve in June when Montreal extended an amnesty in honour of its 375th anniversary.

Late fees abolished in June to celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary

Library fees are typically 30 cents per day for adult books, 10 cents per day for children's books. (CBC)

More than 4,000 items were returned to Montreal libraries in June under an amnesty in honour of the city's 375th anniversary.

The amnesty period ran from June 2 to 22 at 45 libraries in the city.

The city said the documents included 3,674 books, 384 movies, 104 magazines, 89 games and 76 CDs — a total of 4,327 documents.

Late fees at the national library and archives, the BAnQ, are normally 30 cents per day for an adult book and 50 cents per day for a CD.

The goal of the amnesty campaign was to get people back to the library who hadn't been in six months or more.

It also wanted to get documents back into library collections rather than replacing them.