Montreal language face off video goes viral

A video capturing a language debate in downtown Montreal has gone viral.

French-speaking couple verbally attacks four men for speaking English in public

A video capturing a language debate in downtown Montreal has gone viral.

The video shows a French-speaking couple berating a group of four men for speaking English in public.

Over the course of 24 hours, the video, shared widely on social media sites, saw a surge in views. By Tuesday morning, the video had more than 80,000 views, up from 5,000 on Monday. 

The man who shot the video, Harris Robin Kalash, said he was on his way home when he saw the confrontation near the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Park Avenue.

He thought it was just an ordinary fight but when he heard why the couple was verbally attacking the men, he decided to start filming.

"It's really sad to see something like that in your community," said Kalash.

He said he hopes the video does not further divide English and French speakers in Montreal.

The confrontation lasted about five minutes before the French-speaking couple left in a taxi.