Montreal kids hit the rink over March break

Kids in Verdun are making the most of the last days of winter at the Bleu Blanc Bouge rink.

The Bleu Blanc Bouge rink at Willibrord Park was busy Tuesday morning with families enjoying the break

Kids were out enjoying the fresh air Tuesday during the week-long break from school. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

Whether decked out in Habs gear or Hello Kitty, kids in Verdun made the most of one of the last days of winter at the Bleu Blanc Bouge rink at Willibrord Park in Verdun.

The refrigerated rink is open despite the milder weather, and proved to be busy during the March school break.

It was perfect conditions for skating after ice rain blanketed the island Monday night. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

Many outdoor rinks in the city have already closed down for the season, including the rinks in the Plateau.

The outdoor rink is located at 800 Willibrord St. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

While many rinks have already closed, families looking to keep skating can go to the refrigerated rinks, like the one at Beaver Lake.

The boarded, refrigerated outdoor rink provides a smooth surface where kids can learn to skate. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)
Students will return to school next Monday after a week of free time. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

Several of the Bleu Blanc Bouge rinks are open, including in NDG's Confederation Park and LaSalle's Hayward Park.

Check for updated rink schedules on the city's website here.

In the summer, the same rink space is used for ball hockey practice. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

With the first day of spring creeping up, there are few opportunities left to get out on the ice.

With the first day of spring coming up on March 20, kids are getting in their last games of pick-up hockey. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

The Bleu Blanc Bouge rink was donated by the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation.

Students were happy to take advantage of the rink being open, since many other outdoor rinks in the city have already closed for the season. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

The rink serves as a smooth service where young skaters can hone their skills or practice their slapshot.

So far eight Bleu Blanc Bouge rinks have been inaugurated across the city. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)
Over the last eight years, the Montreal Canadiens Children's Foundation has invested $1.4 million per rink. (Charles Contant/Radio-Canada)

During the summer months, the space is where local kids can play basketball, soccer, or ball hockey.

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