Montreal man ice skates down Villeray street

Montreal roads were so slippery Monday that one man managed to make it home in ice skates.

Frederic Girard laced up his skates and donned his Habs jersey before gliding down Villeray Street

Frederic Girard, a 24-year-old construction worker, hadn't laced up his skates in three years before gliding down Villeray Street in Montreal. (Zachary Trépanier/Facebook)

Montreal roads were so slippery Monday that one man managed to make it home on ice skates.

Zachary Trépanier shot a video of his friend, Frederic Girard, gliding down Villeray Street.

It shows Girard donning a Habs jersey with a hockey stick in hand while chanting "Hockey" to the familiar "Olé, Olé, Olé" melody.

"He said it was so much fun," Trépanier told CBC Montreal.

It marked the first time in three years that Girard had laced up his skates.

Once he looked out the window and saw the result of that day's freezing rain, he couldn't help himself, Trépanier said.

The icy roads were so smooth that the 24-year-old construction worker managed to skate his way home in five minutes — instead of the normal 10 by foot.

The video, shot in the afternoon, quickly gained traction online, with Trépanier's original clip garnering over 10,000 views in less than three hours.

Trépanier said he and Girard were toying around with the idea of repeating the stunt with enough people to break a Guinness World Record.

"There are so many likes and shares that we'll try to bring some people together," he said.

Trépanier hopes to lace up his own skates next time, he said.

This time around, unfortunately, "mine weren't sharpened."