Montreal election issues: where do the parties stand?

Where do the federal parties stand on the Champlain Bridge, safe injection sites and home mail delivery service? Our CBC guide has it covered.

Canadian parties weigh in on three key issues for the city

A replacement to the Champlain Bridge is expected to be ready for drivers in 2018. (CBC)

​Montrealers have big decisions to make as the federal election campaign wraps up.

From the reconstruction of the Champlain Bridge to the implementation of community mailboxes, where do the parties stand on issues Mayor Denis Coderre has outlined as priorities for the city

Here is our guide to the stances parties have taken on the issues.

The Champlain Bridge

The 5 parties' positions on tolls on the Champlain Bridge. 0:46

The Liberal Party supports a toll-free replacement of the bridge and the installation of a new light rail line.

The NDP has advocated for a toll-free Champlain Bridge, saying that tolls are out of the question because it would lead to an increase in traffic.

The Conservative Party is in favour of a toll bridge because they say it will help pay for the $5-billion project.

The Green Party supports the implementation of a toll for commuters crossing the Champlain Bridge. The party's line is that tolls would encourage motorists to take public transit instead of their cars.

The Bloc Québécois wants to see Canada fund the Champlain Bridge roadwork entirely and for the structure to remain toll-free.

Home mail delivery service

The 5 parties' positions on Canada Post's decision to stop home mail delivery. 0:46

The Conservatives have defended cuts to door-to-door home delivery service by Canada Post in favour of community mailboxes.

The NDP promises to phase out community mailboxes and restore home delivery service in communities already affected by the cuts.

The Bloc Québécois has maintained that it would restore home delivery in Quebec. The party also said it would hold a parliamentary committee involving Canada Post study the issue of community mailboxes.

The Green Party has advocated for home mail delivery service and said it would make up for the budget shortfall by allowing Canada Post the opportunity to provide more services.

The Liberals promised a review of Canada Post and would halt the phasing out of home delivery service.

Safe injection sites

The 5 parties' positions on supervised injection sites. 0:46

The Bloc Québécois has voiced its support of supervised injection sites in Montreal. Party leader Gilles Duceppe has asked Ottawa to stop interfering with City of Montreal's plans.

The Conservatives are adamantly against the opening of new safe injection sites. The party introduced Bill C-2, the Respect for Communities Act, which lays out 26 requirements for injection sites to meet in order to be granted an exemption under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

The NDP has come out in favour of safe-injection sites and says the federal government should allow cities like Montreal to create new locations.

The Liberals have backed Mayor Denis Coderre in his fight against Ottawa to open four new injection sites.

The Green Party supports safe-injection sites and fought against Bill C-2.


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