Montreal duo who pranked Palin tell their story

A Montreal comedy duo that pranked called Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin got their 15 minutes of fame Monday on U.S. network television.

A Montreal comedy duo who made a prank telephone call to Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin got their 15 minutes of fame Monday on U.S. network television.

The Masked Avengers (Justiciers Masqués) were flown to New York City for an appearance on CBS's morning show to talk about their weekend phone conversation with Palin that made international headlines.

Posing as Nicholas Sarkozy with a bad Pepé le Pew accent, comedian Marc-Antoine Audette chatted with Palin for several minutes on Saturday about hunting, politics and Carla Bruni before coming clean. 

Palin played along beautifully, Audette told Early Show host Harry Smith.

"Once we started making jokes, she didn't seem to mind, and she didn't seem to be aware of the fact we were making jokes," he said during his live appearance on CBS. 

"We were like 'Oh my God this is gonna be long.' "

Audette said Palin was among the easiest celebrities they've been able to reach by phone, and one of the least skeptical, who answered questions for several minutes. "She was as gullible as Britney Spears," he said.

"There are only two people that we pranked that never caught on that it was a joke, and that we had to explain it to them at the end …Sarah Palin and Britney Spears," he said.

Audette and his partner Sébastien Trudel said they don't want to make any political statements but like to take high-profile people to task.

"We always want to test the sense of humour of people who have a big entourage, a lot of people around them, because most of them get pretty confident, because they're sure their staff is perfect," Audette told Smith.  

The duo, who appear regularly on Montreal private station CKOI (96.9 FM), gave more than 300 interviews across the globe about their prank call.

They also duped French President Nicholas Sarkozy, posing as Prime Minister Stephen Harper last year.