Montreal CEGEP professor claims he was suspended for admitting 'disgust' of homosexuality

A philosophy professor at CEGEP du Vieux Montréal was suspended last week after writing on Facebook that he has "disgust for homosexuals."

Jean Laberge has earned reputation for expressing arch-conservative views online

Jean Laberge, a philosophy professor at the CEGEP du Vieux Montréal, was suspended pending an investigation by the school. (Charles Contant/CBC)

A philosophy professor at CEGEP du Vieux Montréal was suspended last week after writing on Facebook that he has "disgust for homosexuals."

In the Jan. 15 post entitled "Am I homophobic?" Jean Laberge describes homosexuality as a "primitive reaction" that degrades male sexuality. 

"The mechanistic genital conception of sexuality is perfectly debilitating and intolerable on the moral level," the post read, referring to homosexuality. 

Laberge concludes that he is not homophobic, arguing that his opposition is not based on an irrational fear but a reasoned moral opposition. The post has been since removed from Laberge's Facebook page. 

Laberge told Radio-Canada that he was informed Tuesday of his suspension pending an investigation by the CEGEP. The institution declined comment other than to say an investigation is ongoing. 

"It's dictatorship. It's Big Brother. It doesn't make any sense," he said in an interview. 

"I've always had an unease about homosexuality. But I haven't declared war against homosexuals."

Laberge is a professed Catholic and attributed his opinions to his faith. He also said that he doesn't discuss his attitudes about homosexuality in his classes.

"I have the right to not prefer homosexuality and invite people to not choose that way," he said. 

Laberge will meet with school officials later this week. (Facebook)

​Laberge's social media posts, as well as his occasional columns for Huffington Post, have prompted several Vieux Montréal students to file complaints with the school in recent months, according to Radio-Canada.   

In his writings, Laberge expresses several arch-conservative views, including rejecting Darwin's theory of evolution, expressing skepticism about climate change and questioning the influence of the "LGBT lobby."

​He's also posted several videos of Jordan Peterson, a psychology professor at the University of Toronto who came to attention in 2016 for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Laberge, who's been teaching at Vieux Montréal since 1994, is expected to meet with school officials on Wednesday. 

From a report by Radio-Canada's Thomas Gerbet