Montreal borough turns to experienced staff to draw straight lines

Cyclists have been complaining about linearly challenged bike paths in the Plateau, Ahuntsic and Rosemont–La Petite–Patrie. The latter borough is calling on the experts to straighten things out.

Rosemont–La Petite–Patrie catches flak for crooked bike paths

One of the not-so-straight lines in a Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie bike path. (CBC)

One Montreal borough is calling on its most experienced workers to draw straight lines. 

Cyclists have been complaining about linearly challenged bike paths in the Plateau, Ahuntsic and Rosemont–La Petite–Patrie.

The squiggly lines are the (art?) work of crews from Rosemont–La Petite–Patrie, which is responsible for tracing bike paths around the city. 

Officials from the borough issued a new release on Friday promising it will straighten things out. Workers will be dispatched in the coming days to re-paint the paths.

"The most experienced employees will be assigned to those streets that are more difficult to paint," the borough said.

"A reminder session about alignment techniques will also be conducted with the concerned personel."

In all, more than 90 blue-collar employees will be re-trained in painting straight lines. 

At the same time, however, the borough is unsure how it will remove the existing, crooked lines. Borough staff are looking at various possibilities with experts.


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