Montreal buses, cars, police cruiser and even salt truck slide down hill

It didn't take much snow to create a scene amusing for some and unnerving for others in downtown Montreal this morning.

Passersby captured video as, 1 by 1, vehicles lose control, crash into each other

City buses, police vehicle and salt truck collide on slippery roads (Video submitted by Willem Shepherd)

6 years ago
Duration 1:47
Video Submitted by Willem Shepherd.

It didn't take much snow to create a scene amusing for some and unnerving for others in downtown Montreal this morning.

One by one, buses, cars, a police cruiser and even snow-clearing vehicles slid down Côte du Beaver Hall toward Viger Street and collided with each other. Police say no serious injuries were reported.

Colin Creado works at Aimia, a marketing and analytics company on Viger Street at the corner of Beaver Hall.

On his way to work, he noticed a commotion, he said. He realized a bus had crashed into a car at the intersection.

As he walked on Beaver Hall to get to work, he watched as another bus headed down the street.

"This time, the bus was full of people, and it couldn't stop. It crashed into the other bus," he said. 

He said it seemed as if the bus passengers were OK, so he continued on his way to work.

From his office window, he watched as a police car slid, in reverse, down the hill, hitting one of the buses.

Then he saw a salt-spreading, snow-removal truck crash head on into a police car. The police officers managed to get out of the cruiser before the impact.

Another view of slide down the hill:

"I could see the cop car literally jump in the air. It was pretty powerful," he said.

Creado said even he didn't expect the roads to be so slippery, and he was on foot.

But he said today's snow was forecast so he doesn't understand how this happened.

"You would have thought ... they would have salted the area or at least cordoned it off, because that road is pretty steep," he said.

The City of Montreal wasn't immediately available for comment.