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Montreal After Dark

In a city as lively as Montreal, sometimes the story doesn't start until the sun goes down. Montreal After Dark, a collaboration between the Department of Journalism at Concordia University and CBC Montreal, explores late-night life in the city.

Concordia University/CBC series explores Montreal's stories after sundown

(Shaun Michaud)

MTL After Dark is a collaboration between the Department of Journalism at Concordia University and CBC Montreal.

Undergraduate students and graduate-diploma students in a graduate-level multimedia course found and produced original stories on the theme of Montreal after dark.

Working in small teams, they spent the winter semester developing their stories in text, audio, video, photography, infographics and maps. 

Explore their work below: 

The nightly toil for daily bread

By Matthew Civico and Minaz Kerawala

What does it take to make a baguette before breakfast? A night of mixing, kneading, rolling and baking, all conducted like a symphony by a baker who began learning the craft as a child.

Exploring the night with Montreal street artists

By Hélène Bauer, Marie Brière de La Hosseraye, Joséphine de Lambilly and Anson McCuaig

An inside look at graffiti artists who are painting the walls of Montreal.

Is Montreal Canada's most haunted city?

By Diandra D'Alessio,Thomas Dumont, Brayden Jagger Haines and Christopher Scott

In a historically rich city like Montreal, the past is much more present than you might realize.

Montreal's 24-hour eateries heat up when the sun goes down

By Emily Lee, Christopher Ross and Jaimie Roussos

Montreal is a vibrant city, and that doesn't change when the sun goes down, especially when it comes to cuisine.

Montreal nightlife's first line of defence against violence

By Chanel Jacques, Shaun Michaud, Paul Molpeceres and Arian Zarrinkoub

In the chaos and fun-filled environment of some of the city's busiest streets, bouncers can be the unsung heroes of the night. Dominic Peters is one of them, but in many ways he stands out. Security guard by day, bouncer by night, he commands respect.


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