6 skiers injured, 1 seriously, in avalanche on Mont Albert in the Gaspé

The rescue of skiers Tuesday evening took hours, police said, however, Avalanche Québec says it appears those caught in the avalanche had been prepared.

Rescue of skiers Tuesday evening took hours, but those trapped by snow appear to have had avalanche gear

Seven people skiing up the Mur des Patrouilleurs on Mont Albert in the Gaspé were caught in an avalanche Tuesday afternoon. (William Bastille-Denis/Radio-Canada)

Seven skiers in the Gaspé region were caught in an avalanche on the Mont Albert Tuesday afternoon. 

Six of them were injured, one of them seriously. They are all expected to recover. 

Quebec provincial police say authorities were alerted to the avalanche at about 4:30 p.m.

The ensuing rescue operation lasted hours, with the last person pulled out of the snow at 8:30 p.m.

Back injury, dislocated shoulder among injuries

Julie Leblanc, a forecaster for Avalanche Québec, says the avalanche could have been caused by the release of "wind plates," layers of stiff snow deposited by the wind.

She said it appears the skiers trapped by the slide had been prepared, carrying avalanche gear.

Six of the skiers are from New Brunswick and one is from Nova Scotia. The group had been climbing one behind the other when the avalanche occurred at 2:30 p.m.

One of them was able to get help, Leblanc said.

The skier who was seriously hurt suffered a back injury and must undergo surgery. Another injured skier has a dislocated shoulder.

The avalanche happened on Mont-Albert, on Quebec's Gaspé Peninsula, 775 kilometres northeast of Montreal. (Hélène Simard/CBC)

With files from Radio-Canada's Jean-François Deschênes