Search for missing hunters in Northern Quebec continues after 1 found dead

Search and rescue teams have been dispatched to Waskaganish, Que., where members of a hunting expedition went missing Tuesday. One man was found dead on the shores of Rupert Bay on Thursday, three others are still missing.

Three members of a hunting expedition who left Waskaganish, Que. on Oct. 17, still missing

People in the community of Waskaganish gathered on Friday evening for a candlelight vigil. (Submitted by Paula Moar)

Search and rescue teams are still looking for three missing hunters in the Waskaganish, Que. area after one member of their party was found dead on the shores of Rupert Bay Thursday.

An aerial search crew located the first man, who has been identified as 48-year-old Patrick Salt.

The Eeyou Eenou Police Force have been working to recover the missing men, identified as Kenneth Salt, 67, Matthew Diamond, 43, and Gabriel Shecapio, 30.

Search continues

Police said the four hunters were headed for a camp on Octave River, which requires a 17-kilometre crossing of Rupert Bay.

While the hunters' boat has not been found, police say debris — ''such as bags and coolers'' — was found.

Royal Canadian Air Force spokesperson David Lavallee said four aircrafts were dispatched to help survey the area.

The Waskaganish police department said in a press release that ground and water searches were not possible on Friday because of waves and high winds.
The four hunters were headed for Octave River, a 17-kilometre crossing from Waskaganish, on Rupert Bay. (Google)

Meanwhile the Cree Nation of Waskaganish is accepting food and donations for the search crews.

Small community in grieving

Waskaganish resident Paula Moar says the entire community of 2,300 people is in shock.

''We are one large family. When one family faces tragedy like this we feel the pain, sadness,'' she told CBC.

A candlelight vigil was organized on Friday to show support to the families and the searchers.

''Many of us sit by the banks looking out at the bay, in hopes of finding the other three men,'' said Moar.