Trois-Rivières miniature pig owner won't give up without a fight

The owner of Mauricie’s resident micropig, Bacon, is taking her case to local officials in an attempt to keep her pet.

Owner swears her pet, Bacon, is a model domestic animal despite city telling her to get rid of him

Bacon the micropig is not allowed to live in a domestic dwelling according to Trois-Rivières regulations. (Radio-Canada)

The owner of Mauricie's resident micropig, Bacon, is taking her case to local officials in an attempt to keep her pet.

Catherine Richard-Daigneault, 32, got a visit from the Mauricie's animal protection agency, the SPA, this week because a neighbour complained about her curly-tailed companion. ­

The SPA says she has until Sept. 1 to get rid of Bacon.

After the meeting, she decided to go to the city.

"I'll present a file about Bacon, explaining what a domestic pig is," Richard-Daigneault said. "I'll draw links to the current rules in place in Trois-Rivières."

She also plans on sending her arguments to city councillors in nearby municipalities to "ensure maximum impact."

According to the SPA Mauricie, in Trois-Rivières farm animals aren't allowed in non-agricultural areas.

Catherine Richard-Daigneault said that taking her micropig away would be like 'taking away a child.' (Radio-Canada)

Richard-Daigneault considers Bacon a domestic animal, like a cat or dog, and she says she is very attached to the pet.

"It's inconceivable to me. It's like they're taking my child. Especially since we know that we're not doing any harm. He's not being mistreated, if anything he's being spoiled."

She added that Bacon hardly makes any noise since he lives in the house.

The petition Bacon's owner launched a few days ago has already gotten almost 2,000 signatures. (

Richard-Daigneault started a petition on asking for support from the community as she works to keep her pet. She wants Trois-Rivières to recognize micropigs as domestic animals. So far, the petition has almost 2,000 signatures. 

with files from Radio-Canada