Mega mall project in Town of Mount Royal to include traffic-easing measures

Montrealers now have a better idea of what the Royalmount Centre, a new shopping and entertainment complex to be situated at the junction of highways 40 and 15, will look like.

Construction of Royalmount Centre, at junction of highways 15 and 40, set to start later this year

A pedestrian bridge would link the mega complex to the de la Savane Metro station. (Carbonleo)

Montrealers now have a better idea of what a new shopping and entertainment complex to be situated at the junction of highways 40 and 15 will look like.

The Royalmount Centre, a project that would cover 2.5 million square feet — more square footage than all the space in the Empire State Building — was unveiled Monday afternoon.

The project's promoter says the centre will cater to everyone. It will  feature an entertainment venue, restaurants, stores and businesses. 

The complex would include two hotels, a shopping mall and an entertainment venue. (Carbonleo)

But there's one question he keeps getting over and over again.

"The number one question [is] about the traffic, the traffic, the traffic," said promoter Andrew Lutfy.

The junction of highways 40 and 15 is already a heavily congested area. However, Lutfy insists the project won't make traffic worse because the company behind the project, Carbonleo, is working with partners to come up with traffic-easing measures.

"We will definitely be adding … vehicular traffic, but we're also going to be doing remedial work in the area, in conjunction with the MTQ," Lutfy said.

The promoter estimates that one-third of the clientele will get to the complex by public transit.

A footbridge linking the centre to de la Savane Metro station is one way traffic would be eased, Lutfy said.

The plans also include multiple entrances and exits, away from the highways.

There would also be a shuttle service on site, linking people to the future light rail system and the Trudeau International Airport.

"It's really appealing to a local community of anyone that lives [within] 45 minutes, but also a global community," Lutfy said.

The centre will include an aquatic park, an outdoor cinema, a skating rink, restaurants, terrasses and two hotels, all situated at the southeast corner of the highway junction.
Royalmount Centre would also include a plaza and terrasses. The promoter says opening day would be in 2022. (Carbonleo)

Almost all of Royalmount Centre will be located in the Town of Mount Royal.

It was that municipality's administration that urged the developer to design the pedestrian bridge leading to the Metro.

"It's a really, really nice project. It's in favour of everybody on the island of Montreal," said TMR Mayor Philippe Roy.

Lutfy said the plan is for the first phase of construction to start later this year. Opening day would be in 2022.

But the Plante administration hasn't said yet whether it's on board. It says it's spoken with the promoters, but the city still has concerns about how the project will affect traffic as well as small businesses in the area.

With files from CBC reporter Sean Henry