This day in Montreal: Roddick Gates open

The iconic entrance to the university were a gift in honour of Sir Thomas Roddick from his wife Lady Amy Redpath Roddick.

Iconic entryway to McGill University officially went up on May 28, 1925

Students protest outside the Roddick Gates in 1968. (Brian M. Smith / McGill University Archives, PR033827)

On this day in Montreal – May 28, 1925 – The Roddick Memorial Gates officially opened at McGill University.

The iconic entrance to the university were a gift in honour of Sir Thomas Roddick from his wife Lady Amy Redpath Roddick.

Now, they serve not only as the entryway on Sherbrooke Street but as a point of reference and a place for staff and students to meet up.

Taken in 1911, this house was near what would become the Roddick Gates. (McGill University Archives, PS034678)

Roddick graduated from the faculty of medicine with top honours, where he also served as dean from 1901 to 1908.

He was a medical pioneer for introducing the principle of antiseptic treatment in Montreal hospitals, which helps prevent infections during surgery.

The entrance still looks the same as it did here in the 1920s. (McGill University Archives, PR026542)

His widow wanted the gates to incorporate a clock tower with chimes because Roddick was so punctual. The clocks were mostly non-functioning until 2010.

A group of at least 25 riot police guard the Roddick Gates during what was known as the McGill Français Movement. (McGill University Archives, PR045397)