Conservative candidate Maxime Bernier releases retro campaign jingle

"Do like us and vote for Bernier — Maxime Bernier!" goes the song for the Conservative candidate in Quebec's Beauce riding.

Song calls Bernier a 'guy who resembles us, a guy who we know'

Maxime Bernier is the Conservative candidate in Beauce. (Maxime Bernier/Facebook)

"Do like us and vote for Bernier  Maxime Bernier! Our deputy!"

Those are the opening lyrics to Conservative candidate Maxime Bernier's new campaign jingle, an upbeat, if retro, ode to the Quebec politician's qualities.

The song goes on to call Bernier someone who inspires confidence — a familiar face who works hard and knows his constituents well.

Bernier is a candidate in the Quebec riding of Beauce, which he has represented in Parliament since 2006.

He made international headlines in 2008 after he left a classified government document at his ex-girlfriend's home.

"When we say, 'He's a guy who resembles us, a guy who we know,' that's based on facts and on the experience I've had with Beauce [residents]," Bernier told Radio-Canada.

The 30-second jingle is meant to play as an advertisement on local radio stations, according to his campaign's Facebook page.

Photographer Yvon Thibodeau accompanies Bernier to almost every public appearance. He said despite the jingle's clichés, it taps into a very real sentiment among his constituents. 

"There are people who have told me, 'We will vote for Maxime, but that doesn't mean we support the Harper government,'" Thibodeau said.

The song reminded CBC Montreal of another Quebec jingle from the past...


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