Maurice Boucher's veiled conversations on failed murder plot released

Several videos of former Hells Angels boss Maurice “Mom” Boucher discussing a plot to kill former Mafia lieutenant Raynald Desjardins can now be made public.

Former Hells Angels boss pleaded guilty last April to conspiracy to commit murder

Recordings of conversations between Maurice 'Mom' Boucher and his daughter Alexandra Mongeau in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison in 2015 were released by the court this week. (Court evidence)

Several videos of former Hells Angels boss Maurice "Mom" Boucher discussing a plot to kill former Mafia lieutenant  Raynald Desjardins can now be made public.

The videos were released Tuesday after several media outlets, including Radio-Canada, petitioned the court to lift a publication ban that covered the videos filmed in the summer of 2015 while Boucher was incarcerated at Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison.

In the videos, Boucher speaks with his daughter Alexandra Mongeau, largely in code, about Desjardins, a former lieutenant in the Rizzuto crime family.

They were recorded in the weeks after Desjardins pleaded guilty to his role in the death of mob boss Salvatore Montagna.

Desjardins became the subject of a murder plot, orchestrated by the biker, which was to culminate when Desjardins was moved from provincial jail to Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison, where Boucher was serving his sentence.

Desjardins's case was subject to delays, however, and he wasn't transferred to a federal penitentiary until the next year.

Investigators intercepted text messages and recorded conversations to build their case against Boucher.

Hand gestures and code

The three videos released this week show Boucher and Mongeau, separated by a window in a visitation room, having carefully worded conversations.

While filmed by two cameras and recorded by a microphone, the two often drop or whisper words. Bouchard reminds his daughter that they are being recorded.

At one point, Boucher refers to Desjardins as "les banques" or "banks" — a reference to the financial institution that bears that name.

He then says, "because in my opinion, he will come."

The former Hells Angels boss speaks with his daughter at the Ste-Anne-des-Plaines prison where he is serving time for murder. 0:33

At the time, Boucher was in prison serving a life sentence for the 1997 murders of two prison guards.

He was arrested in his cell in 2015 and charged with conspiring to murder Desjardins.

He pleaded guilty in April and was sentenced to 10 years, to be served concurrently with his previous sentences.

An agreed statement of facts from Boucher's trial makes reference to more of the conversation with his daughter on July 11, 2015, in which he mentions that if Desjardins is relocated to the prison, he knows someone who could kill him. 

During another visit, on July 26, 2015, Mongeau delivers a message to Boucher from a member of his entourage, and the pair discuss Desjardins's impending move from provincial jail to the federal prison again. 

Boucher makes a stabbing motion after explaining how he would invite Desjardins to join him in his unit.

Alexandra Mongeau, right, was acquitted of a conspiracy charge linked to the murder plot. (Court evidence)

Mongeau, 28, was charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the same investigation but was acquitted on that charge.

She was given a 21-month sentence to be served in the community after pleading guilty to concealment of money she knew was the proceeds of crime.