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Marilla Steuter-Martin has been a journalist with CBC Montreal since 2015.

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Out of the Dark

Montreal students who eat, sleep and study in one room say they feel 'suffocated' during lockdown

University students have been facing a set of unique challenges over the past 11 months, as they have had to adapt to online learning, drastically limit their social activities and try to keep on top of their academic work despite feeling weighed down by stress.

Quebec lays out how COVID-19 curfew will be enforced

Public Security Minister Geneviève Guilbault suggested that essential workers get a letter from their employer to prove that they have to be out at a certain time.

My holiday recipe: A Greek New Year's cake with a surprise inside

The sister duo behind Montreal food blog Mia Kouppa share a family recipe for vasilopita.

National Theatre School offers free, family art activities to beat boredom at home

From felt finger puppets to a memory book of a loved one's home, the eight activities in the series offer a chance for families to flex their creative muscles.

Meet the Montrealers who are opening restaurants despite the second wave lockdown

While we say goodbye to some classic Montreal haunts, new restaurateurs are waiting in the wings keep the city's culinary scene bustling.

Montreal musician records and produces entire album on his iPhone

Jon Cohen described the process as labour intensive, but creatively challenging.

Montreal Christmas concerts you can stream online over the holidays

Orchestras and choirs have stepped up to release end-of-year shows online, many for free, since no one can gather for performances this year.

My holiday recipe: Healthy, gluten-free latkes for sensitive stomachs

After her mom was diagnosed with celiac disease, and following her own struggles with constant stomach aches, food blogger Jen Udashkin cut out gluten and dairy from her diet.

How one Quebec seniors' home ended up getting 10,000 Christmas cards from around the world

Nurse Sylvie Chevrier invited strangers on Facebook to send Christmas cards to the retirement home where she worked. The response was overwhelming.

Quebec should create new role of director of youth protection, Laurent commission finds

Quebec's special commission on the rights of children and youth protection released some preliminary findings Monday, citing a laundry list of problems within the provincial system and recommending the creation of a leadership position to oversee the implementation of sweeping changes. 

Quebec cartoonist traces the life of Leonard Cohen in black and white

The graphic novel, Leonard Cohen: On A Wire, is set to be released in French and English in 2021.

Montreal's Black Theatre Workshop marks half-century milestone

Canada's oldest Black theatre company is still going strong after half a century performing.

High school friends of Kamala Harris in Montreal applaud her victory

Harris spent five years living in Montreal and graduated from Westmount High in 1981.

Man charged with 2 counts of 1st-degree murder after Halloween sword attack in Quebec City

A 24-year-old man has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder after allegedly attacking seven people with a sword in the historic district of Quebec City while dressed in a medieval outfit on Halloween night.

Montreal artists stage an operatic ode to confinement

Chronicles of Confinement offers a playful take on how people are handling the changes brought on by the pandemic.