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Based in Quebec City, Marika travels across the province telling the stories of people who live and work in la belle province for CBC Radio One and

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Mosque shooting victim finds solace in writing poetry as he struggles to heal

Saïd Akjour has filled notebooks with his poems, in Arabic and French, in the two years since he was shot in the shoulder in the Quebec mosque attack on Jan. 29, 2017.

'A gathering place for families': Ô Village creating community in Quebec City

A new gathering place opened by a pair of moms in Quebec City provides a sense of community to families.

'I'm not here by chance': One mosque shooting victim's journey of healing

Saïd Akjour, still scarred physically and emotionally from the shot he took to the shoulder in the Quebec City mosque shooting, believes he has a role to play in helping Muslims and non-Muslims in his adopted city understand one another better.

As Mayor Jean Tremblay bows out, those vying for his office weigh in on Promotion Saguenay

After 20 years as mayor, Jean Tremblay is retiring. For the four candidates seeking his job, a key campaign issue is what each would do with the paramunicipal agency Promotion Saguenay and its less-than-transparent finances.

Low turnout and uncontested elections: How healthy is municipal democracy in Quebec?

A total of 214 of municipalities in Quebec won't be having an election on Nov. 5, when voters in the rest of the province head to the polls to elect the mayors and councillors who will run their towns and cities for the next four years.

Who wants to dethrone 'King Régis' of Quebec City?

Régis Labeaume's Équipe Labeaume holds 19 of a possible 22 seats at Quebec City Hall. Here's a look at who's running against him in the 2017 municipal elections.

New exhibit pays homage to those lost at sea in the Magdalen Islands

A brand exhibit in the deconsecrated Anglican church in Old Harry in the Magdalen Islands, Que. Pays homage to those lost at sea since in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Magdalen Islands, where kitesurfers go to fly

The Magdalen Islands is an increasingly popular spot for kite surfers looking for a good place to learn or practise.

'There's no place like the Magdalen Islands': English-speaking islanders flock home for community celebrations

Homecoming celebrations in Magdalen Islands, Que. are underway this week in the municipality of Grosse Ile. CBC News is on-hand and caught up with some of the returning Magdalen diaspora.

'It's living a dream': Young couple open hostel in Magdalen Islands

A couple of seasoned travellers who work as carpenters in Fort McMurray returned to their roots in the Magdalen Islands, Que. and open their dream hostel, nine months after coming up with the idea.

Inside the workroom of a passionate Cree beader

"When I get up in the morning, right away I come into this room and have a coffee, and bead," says Evelyn Gull. The traditional beader from the Cree community of Waswanipi, Que., shares her passion with the CBC's Marika Wheeler.

First museum exhibition entirely curated by Quebec Cree on display

A museum exhibition curated by the Crees of Eeyou Istchee is first of its kind and set to travel through Canada to explain the cultural significance of walking in Cree culture.

Casting a line in Gaspé's legendary salmon river, 'the holy grail in Canada'

Meet three salmon fishermen who share a great love for the legendary Grand Cascapédia River on the Gaspé Peninsula. The season begins today.

Village café in Cascapédia-Saint-Jules sees business surge with detour due to closed bridge

A popular café and convenience store run by a mother and daughter in tiny Cascapédia-Saint-Jules is attracting many new customers who find themselves taking the road less travelled over the Grand Cascapédia River.

Detour due to bridge closure in the Gaspé nearly costs lives of mother, baby

A 36-weeks-pregnant mother in distress and her unborn baby were minutes from death after their ambulance was forced to take the 11.5-kilometre detour caused by a bridge closure on the Gaspé Peninsula.