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Managing Director's blog: Why host a community hackathon?

At CBC Montreal, we strive always to connect with our audience. This weekend we will do so in a way we have never done before.

CBC Montreal is opening its doors and providing local data to hackathon participants

CBC Montreal is hosting its first-ever hackathon the weekend of March 13, 2015. (Kate McKenna/CBC)

At CBC Montreal, we strive always to connect with our audience.  This weekend we will do so in a way we have never done before. 

We will be hosting our first ever community hackathon, called #HackingCBCMTL.

"Hacking CBC Montreal" is a two-day event that brings people together, to collaborate and use technology to find creative solutions around a problem.

In this case, we’re asking participants to figure out how to make CBC more open, more accessible and more interactive with the audience. We’re expecting web developers, designers and interested Montrealers to take up the challenge.

We have already filled all the available spots and are hoping for some exciting results.

Holding a hackathon ties in perfectly with CBC’s new digital strategy...A Space for Us All.

One goal of the strategy is to find new partners and build new relationships with our community. We are holding this hackathon in partnership with the International Startup Festival, Open North and Notman House….three key players in the Montreal tech scene.

With their guidance and support, we are opening our doors — and some of our local data — to participants at the hackathon. We want participants to get a sense of how we operate and help us do better. As a public broadcaster, we feel it’s essential to be a more transparent and open organization.

And finally….as we become stronger and more present in the digital space and on mobile devices we need to be more creative and innovative about the ways we work and create content.

This hackathon embodies that spirit. We hope it will bring us closer to our audience wherever they are, on whatever device they are using.  And we are excited to work together with Montreal’s creative thinkers to design and develop new possibilities for our journalism.

In holding this hackathon, we are asking our audience to help us grow and transform. 

After all the audience is the CBC’s biggest stakeholder...shouldn’t you have a say in our future?


Managing Director, CBC Montreal