Major shakeup underway within Montreal police ranks

A senior member of the Montreal police's internal affairs division has been shuffled out of his position amid a series of major personnel changes within the force.

Staffing overhaul follows investigation into internal affairs officers

Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet took the reins in 2015. Reports suggest a major shakeup is underway within the police force's ranks. (Peter McCabe/The Canadian Press)

A senior member of the Montreal police's internal affairs division has been shuffled out of his position amid a series of major personnel changes within the force, Radio-Canada is reporting. 

Chief-Insp. Costa Labos was the subject of a criminal investigation by Quebec provincial police earlier this year. Crown prosecutors decided not to pursue charges.

Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet said Labos had his "full support" when he announced in September that the Crown had dropped the case. 

But sources have told Radio-Canada that Labos was transferred away from internal affairs. More than 40 other officers in the force have also been given new positions. 

Pichet took over as police chief in 2015, and since then has had to confront a number of controversies. 

Several members of the SPVM's anti-gang squad were arrested over the summer following allegations they lied to obtain warrants. 

Labos had been suspected of committing a similar offense before the Crown's decision not to press charges. 

Pichet also decided in recent months to overhaul the SPVM's communications team, shunting longtime head spokesman, Cmdr. Ian Lafrenière, to another division.

with files from Radio-Canada