Magog police warn of PIN-stealing thieves at Walmart

Police are investigating after an off-duty officer spotted three people at the Walmart, who appeared to watch while people entered their credit card PINs at self-checkout machines and then steal their cards.

Suspects accused of committing fraud worth several thousand dollars

Police in Magog are warning shoppers to stay vigilant after several complaints of a group of fraudsters stealing credit card information. (

Magog police are warning people to stay vigilant while shopping after three apparent fraudsters distracted and robbed people at the local Walmart.

An off-duty police officer spotted three conspicuous individuals at the store, who appeared to be watching while people entered their credit card PINs at self-checkout machines. 

When the shopper returned to their cars, one of them would distract them with money on the ground while another suspect stole their credit card, police said.

Police say they fled in a black Toyota Corolla.  

Magog police Lt. Sylvain Guay said stores with big parking lots and self-checkout machines are ideal for such thieves, and there have been at least five complaints about the Walmart specifically.

He said this particular strategy has been on the radar of Magog police for several weeks, after someone was robbed of more than $6,000.

Police are looking for two white males, both seemingly speaking an Eastern European language, one measuring about five foot nine, and the other about six foot one. Guay said a third person kept watch in the Toyota Corolla.

Guay said seniors are particularly vulnerable, and they should always check to make sure they're not being watched before entering their credit card PINs.