Mafia suspects turn themselves in

A Montreal customs officer on the lam after she was accused of being involved with the Mafia has turned herself in.

Three suspectshave turned themselves in and two more were arrested afterthey were accused of working with the Mafia.

The suspects, including a Montreal customs officer, were among 90 people wanted by police for their alleged role inside a sophisticated organized crime ring allegedly run by the Rizzuto family.

The five are:

  • Marie-Lyne Béliveau, 26, a customs officer at the Montreal Trudeau Airport, who turned herself in Thursday.
  • René Charbonneau, whoturned himself Wednesday in Montreal.
  • Nick Rigopoulos, who turned himself in Tuesday at RCMP headquarters in Montreal.
  • Tonino Guerrera, who was arrestedTuesday night in Montreal.
  • Rocco Caruso, 34, who was arrested Wednesday nearSaskatoon.

Béliveau is accused of corruption and trafficking cocaine.

She turned herself in Wednesdayaround 10 p.m. ET at the Lacolle border crossing with the U.S., south of Montreal.

An RCMP spokesman said Béliveau's lawyer contacted authorities to tell them his client would show up at the border. She was taken into custody and handed over to RCMP. Herarraignment is Friday.

Authorities have arrested more than 70 of the 90 people targeted in a massive police sting operation dubbed "Colisée" that investigators believe disabled the notorious Rizzutoclan.

Most suspects in custody were arrested Nov. 22 in a sensational police bust that included a drawn-out "perp" walk at RCMP headquarters that featured several reputed Montreal Mafia members.