Luc Ferrandez won't run for leader of Projet Montréal

Luc Ferrandez says he won't run for leadership of the city's Official Opposition, he announced on Sunday.

Montreal's next mayoral election is in 2017

In a lengthy speech full of criticism for Mayor Denis Coderre, Projet Montréal's interim leader Luc Ferrandez said he won't be running to be the leader of his party. (CBC)

Projet Montréal's Luc Ferrandez won't run for the leadership of the city's Official Opposition, he announced on Sunday.

In long speech at his party's general meeting, the interim leader said he won't seek the permanent leadership positon but he will stay with the party.

​Projet Montréal could hold its leadership race as soon as this fall. The next election for city mayor will be in 2017.

Ferrandez said the controversy around some of his Plateau-Mont-Royal policies would only work in Coderre's favour. 

"His eternal argument is to show me as the radical and someone people should be scared of. I'm going to take that card out of his game," he said.

Ferrandez, borough mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal,​ was named interim leader when Richard Bergeron stepped down on October 2014.

After running for mayor in three different races, Bergeron said he could "feel the weight of the years" and wanted to give the reins over to someone new.

Ferrandez calls Coderre an 'impostor'

Ferrandez's speech was heavy with condemnation for Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

He called Coderre an "impostor, with respect to his promises to work together."

He said the mayor is focused  more on baseball than issues that matter, like social housing, small businesses and road safety.

Coderre, on the other hand, said he's not in conflict with Projet Montréal even though they disagree on some issues.

He said the fact that two of Projet Montreal's star members — Bergeron and later Marc-André Gadoury — joined his team proves he's willing to work together.

"We are all Montrealers and we will work for collective efforts," he said.


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