Longueuil police arrest man for threats against city's mayor over plans to euthanize deer

Following the city of Longueuil's decision to put down 15 deer at Michel-Chartrand park, local police have arrested a man in connection with threats against the the city's mayor and other local elected officials.

Longueuil police say more arrests could be made

Longueuil police say more arrests could be made in connection with threats over the city's plan to euthanize deer in Michel-Chartrand Park. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press)

Longueuil police have arrested a suspect in connection with threats against the city's mayor, Sylvie Parent, and other elected members of council.

 The elected officials were targeted following the city's decision to cull the deer herd living in one of its parks because of overpopulation.

Police say the suspect is a man in his 20s who does not live in Longueuil. He has been freed on conditions and is expected to face charges.

Earlier this month, the city said it planned to put down 15 deer living in Michel-Chartrand park  — about half of the park's population  — claiming it was necessary to help preserve vegetation in that area.

The decision sparked outrage and a protest, with people calling for the deer to be relocated instead of being put down.

At the time, a biologist with the province's Forestry and Fauna Ministry claimed many of the deer would die within days if relocated, due to how difficult it would be to adapt to new surroundings.

Longueuil police say they are also investigating two other files tied to the threats, and more arrests could be coming.

They're reminding people to use caution while debating and voicing their opinions, whether on social media, by telephone, or in person, and that any threat can lead to charges.