Longueuil pedestrian overpass partially collapses on Highway 132

A pedestrian overpass has partially collapsed over Highway 132 on the South Shore of Montreal. The overpass was struck by a dump truck with its box propped up.

No serious injuries, but major Montreal South Shore highway closed into Tuesday night

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      A dump truck with its box raised slammed into a pedestrian bridge over a major highway in Longueuil, Que., causing the overpass to partially collapse and leaving lines of stalled traffic.

      Emergency crews are on the scene on Highway 132 on the South Shore. Eyewitness Alain Collin said the truck was heading west carrying snow when it hit the overpass.

      Longueuil police said they were called to the scene at 7:48 p.m. Tuesday.

      Quebec's provincial police confirm a woman who was driving behind the truck before the collision suffered minor injuries in the collapse. The driver of the truck was taken to hospital to be treated for shock.

      The footbridge links Marie-Victorin Park and Lemoyne Park. The collision happened near Normandie Street.

      Transport Québec has sent engineers to assess the damage, but according to the transportation minister, the footbridge belongs to the City of Longueuil.

      The ministry hopes to demolish the other side of the footbridge overnight, as it's been determined that the remaining structure is not solid.

      Traffic nightmare

      Highway 132 is closed in both directions from Roland-Therrien West and motorists are being told to avoid the area.

      Radio-Canada's Karine Bastien reports that there are long lines of traffic near the scene of the collapse.

      Some cars stranded at the scene of the collision have run out of gas or drained their batteries, waiting for the scene to clear. Authorities have handed out emergency blankets.

      The highway is a major artery for thousands of drivers on the South Shore.

      It's unclear at this point whether the highway will be reopened for Wednesday morning traffic.

      A spokesman for Quebec's provincial police, Sgt. Claude Denis, said collision specialists, as well as engineers and medical personnel, are on the scene. The mayor of Longueuil, Caroline St-Hilaire, is also working with teams on-site to oversee the city's response.

      After the truck driver is treated for shock, police will be meeting with him to determine exactly what happened.


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