Longueuil to vote on pit bull ban in July

Residents who already own a pit bull can keep their dogs, but face a number of new requirements.

New bylaw would ban new pit bulls and pit bull mixes

Longueuil residents who already own pit bulls will have to keep their dogs muzzled in public if the proposed bylaw passes. (CBC)

Longueuil will vote on banning pit bulls at its next city council session on July 5.

The proposed bylaw would ban pit bulls and pit bull mixes as of July 15.

Residents who already own a pit bull will be allowed to keep their dogs, but will face a number of new requirements:

  • Have their dog licensed by Oct. 1, 2016.
  • Have their dog sterilized and microchipped.
  • Have their dog certified as safe by a veterinarian.
  • Take their dog to an obedience course.
  • Keep their dogs on a leash and muzzled.
  • Keep their dogs out of dog parks.
  • Dogs may only be walked by someone over the age of 18.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre announced last weekend that he will seek approval from city council this September to go ahead with a ban on new pit bulls that would apply across the city's 19 boroughs.

Quebec City and a number of other cities around Quebec also recently announced bans in the wake of the mauling of Montreal resident Christiane Vadnais, who was found dead in the backyard of her home.

The Quebec government is considering a province-wide pit bull ban.

With files by Kristy Rich