Longueuil to switch to garbage pickup every two weeks, stop scooping loose bags

Residents in Longueuil will soon have to hold on to their garbage for an extra week, as the city switches to pickups every 14 days. And crews will only pick up what it's in your bin, and any extra garbage bags laying next to it will be ignored.

The changes will come into effect April 1 to the frustration of some residents

Longueuil residents will soon need to get used to putting out their garbage every 14 days, instead of once a week. (Martin Thibault/Radio-Canada)

The City of Longueuil is overhauling its waste collection service. Soon, residents will only be able to put out their garbage bins once every two weeks.

For many people, that means a lot of junk that's just sitting there after 14 days, but the city has made it clear: garbage will be picked up mechanically, therefore only the trash that's in the bin will be taken away. Any loose bags placed next to the bins will be ignored. 

The city made the announcement earlier this week. The changes are part of cost-cutting measures that are also meant to help the province meet its environmental goals.

They come into effect on April 1.

The city is encouraging residents to check out its online tool to learn more about about the new pick-up schedule for their address.

It will also be adding an extra day to pick up bulky items.

Karel Ménard, an environmentalist who lives in Longueuil, welcomes the city's new garbage collection schedule. (Radio-Canada)

Change is sudden and poorly planned, resident says

Karel Ménard, the executive director of the Front commun québécois pour une gestion écologique des déchets, lives in Longueuil. He expects the city's plan to catch many people off guard, but says the change in the garbage collection schedule is overdue.

"Waste management should be a responsibility with the producers, the municipalities and the citizens," Ménard told CBC Montreal's Daybreak. "Everybody must do their part in order to reduce the waste they produce."

Another resident, Luiza Dima Morin, doesn't believe Longueuil thought this plan through.

Her new biweekly garbage pickup schedule starts on April 14, but she currently lives in a part of the city where composting isn't available until May 27.

"So, for almost two months, I'm going to be with only the garbage bin every two weeks, which is crazy to me," Morin who lives with her husband and four children.

Starting April 1, only garbage inside of bins will be picked up in Longueuil. Any loose bags next to them will be ignored. (CBC)

She says she understands the city has to cut down on waste and costs, but she also wants it to be flexible for larger families, who may have a harder time cutting down on waste enough to fit all of their garbage in one bin.

"Only the diapers, for two weeks, that's like 30 per cent of my bin," Morin said. Morin said she called the city, and was told about a location where she could go and drop off her organic waste, until compost collection is available in her area.

"Come on, we're in 2021," Morin said. "Why am I supposed to, for almost two months, bring my compost somewhere? It's outrageous." 

The City of Longueuil did not immediately respond to request for comment. 

With files from CBC Montreal's Daybreak


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