Letter 'To Grandma, From Abby' delivered by determined postal worker

An 11-year old camper's letter successfully made the trip from the Laurentians to her grandmother's home in Perth, Ont. despite an incomplete address thanks to the help of 16,000 Facebookers, a paramedic and one very determined postal worker.

Postal worker Natasha Villeneuve's Facebook call for help got 16K shares, eventually led her to 'grandma'

Abby (seen here at her Laurentians camp) included a postal code in her letter to her grandmother but there are 850 homes on that route. (Submitted by Peter Rozmovits)

An 11-year old camper's letter successfully made it to her grandmother despite an incomplete address thanks to the help of 16,000 Facebookers, a paramedic and one very determined postal worker.

The letter, sent from a Laurentians camp, was addressed "To Grandma, From Abby," and included the postal code to a Perth, Ont. home at "R.R. #3."

The problem? There are 850 homes at R.R. #3, the rural route where Abby's grandmother lives.

With no return address written on the envelope, it was unlikely Abby's letter would make it to her grandmother's — if it wasn't for Natasha Villeneuve.

"It's not even my mail route," Villeneuve, a Canada Post employee in Perth, told CBC Montreal's Homerun.

A colleague of Villeneuve's told her about the letter, lamenting that she would be "devastated" if a letter from her grandchildren never made it to her.

"So I said 'Well, let's not kill it, let's see what we can do.'"

Villeneuve posted a picture of the letter on Facebook, and nearly 16,000 shares later, her inbox was filled with messages from people "claiming to be Abby's grandma."

The post was so widely shared that when a paramedic answered a call at Rural Route 3 a few days later, he couldn't help but ask the elderly woman he was assisting (who was found to be in good health) if she had a granddaughter named Abby.

"And she said 'Well yes I do!'" recounted Villeneuve.

Peter Rozmovits, Abby's father, got in touch with Villeneuve and confirmed that the real "Abby's grandma" was indeed a Dawn Kierans.

"I knew instantly her writing and I knew instantly that was her," Rozmovits told Homerun.

And so on Wednesday, less than a week after Villeneuve started her mission, Abby's letter finally made it to her grandma.

With the help of social media, it took less than a week for Natasha Villeneuve (right) to get the letter to Dawn Kierans (left), Abby's grandmother. (Submitted by Natasha Villeneuve)

Inside was a "sweet" letter from Abby, saying she had fun at camp, missed her grandma, and signed with a peace sign, Villeneuve said.

But it wasn't the first time a letter was sent to Kierans with an incomplete address. 

Rozmovits' wife, Abby's mom, did the same 20 years ago with a Mother's Day card. Kierans had to go looking for it at the post office.

"I just want to thank Tash again … It's just unbelievable, just a great feel-good story," Rozmovits said. 

Abby could not be reached for comment on this story. She's still at camp.

With files from CBC's Homerun