Le Manoir apologizes for kicking out kissing lesbian couple

The owner of a bar on Montreal's West Island has apologized after his manager kicked out two young women for kissing.

Facebook complaint prompts outpouring of support, calls for boycott against Pointe-Claire bar

The owner of a bar on Montreal's West Island has apologized after his manager kicked out two young women for kissing.

Jess Goldberg was kicked out of a bar on Montreal's West Island for kissing another woman. (Facebook)

Jess Goldberg and Carolyn Shaughnessy, both in their early 20s, were out for drinks at Le Manoir in Pointe-Claire last Friday.

Goldberg says they were approached by the manager and told to stop after they shared a kiss.

But Goldberg says that about two hours later, when they kissed again, they were asked to leave.

"I think I had my hand on her leg and she kissed me, and he came over even more frantic than the first time," she said.

Goldberg reacted by posting a complaint on Le Manoir’s Facebook page and on her own.

Jess Goldberg received a flood of online support after she posted this complaint on Facebook. (Facebook)

“This type of discrimination is repulsive … They kicked us out for being gay,” she wrote.

The bar’s page was soon flooded with support for the couple and calls for a boycott.

Goldberg says this would have never happened to a heterosexual couple.

"This has never ever happened to me in my life. I've been to bars downtown, in different cities and different countries and I've never been treated like this."

Le Manoir has since posted an apology on its website.

Le Manoir owner Peter Sergakis posted this apology on the bar's Facebook page on Monday. (Facebook)

Bar owner Peter Sergakis told CBC on Monday that his manager overreacted.

"If they were kissing as normal, two people kissing one another, it's unacceptable to tell them to leave," he said.

Sergakis also owns the Sky complex — one of North America’s largest gay bars — located in Montreal’s Gay Village.

Sergakis says that the way his manager behaved does not reflect his values, and his bars are open to all members of the LGBT community. 


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