Layton's likeness to be cast in bronze

The artist behind the Tommy Douglas statue unveiled last year in Weyburn, Sask., is planning three different statues of the late NDP leader, Jack Layton.

Three different statues will be placed in Ottawa, Toronto and Hudson, Que.

Jack Layton was on hand last year when Lea Vivot's Tommy Douglas statue was unveiled in Saskatchewan. (Troy Fleece/Canadian Press)

The renowned artist who sculpted medicare founder Tommy Douglas now has her creative sights set on the NDP's modern-day icon.

Lea Vivot is planning three different bronze statues of Jack Layton and hopes to have them installed on Parliament Hill, in his Toronto riding and in Hudson, Quebec, where the late NDP leader was raised.

Vivot says she was inspired by Layton and came up with the idea while mourning his death.

She says one of the sculptures features Layton on his bike.

The second features Layton, with his cane, moving up a set of stairs and the third will feature Layton on a bench

Vivot says she hasn't been commissioned to do the work and isn't looking for money.

The Czech-born artist has sculptures in cities around the world, including in front of the National Library in Ottawa and Madison Square Gardens in New York.

Her likeness of Douglas was unveiled amid great fanfare last year in Weyburn, Sask.

Douglas's grandson, actor Kiefer Sutherland, and Jack Layton were both there.