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Help solve a mystery: Who's behind Montreal's pink house?

Last September, someone — or some people — painted the cabin on top of the malting silos a bright shade of pink, added some shutters and curtains. But who did it? And why? Help solve a mystery: Who renovated Montreal's pink house?

Montreal production company, Health Canada to retire industry term after First Nations man flags its racist connotation

After Cree actor and artist Daybi turned down a job due to the use of an industry term that contains racial slur in the contract that was emailed to him, the production company and its client, Health Canada, pledge to do better.

3 police officers charged following investigations by Quebec's police watchdog

In total, six officers have been charged since the BEI was created in 2016, but none of the criminal allegations are tied to police killings.

Burnt-out health-care workers warn of mass exodus, with no end in sight to mandatory redeployment to CHSLDs

Documents obtained by CBC News show at least one of Montreal's regional health boards plans to keep physiotherapists and occupational therapists reassigned to long-term care homes until at least January.

Advocates call for moratorium on $1,500 fines to homeless who aren't physically distancing

Groups that work with homeless Montrealers say police need to recognize the reasons vulnerable street people congregate together, ticketing less and offering more support.

Testing the public's trust: Quebec premier mulls adopting contact-tracing app

Protecting the privacy of users is an integral part of the COVI app's design, says Valérie Pisano, CEO of Montreal's AI institute Mila, as François Legault considers the app's adoption.

Quebec's new contact-tracing system panned by expert as 'very outdated'

A digital platform designed by the Quebec company Akinox is set to arrive later this week, but it's not clear even once it is up and running how well it will help track and curb the spread of the disease.

How Quebec's desperate attempt to fill staffing holes is spreading COVID-19 in hospitals and nursing homes

"What we need are people full-time people — teams that are the same teams going to the same residence, the same CHSLD, day out, day in," Health Minister Danielle McCann acknowledged Wednesday. But as health-care workers continue to be shuffled to where they're needed most, COVID-19 travels with them.

Jewish General Hospital contending with COVID-19 outbreak

The Jewish General Hospital in Montreal is dealing with two separate instances of patient transmission of COVID-19, and the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Verdun and Pierre-Boucher hospital on Montreal's South Shore also have outbreaks.

Lakeshore Hospital struggles to contain COVID-19 outbreak

Montreal health officials are scrambling to contain an outbreak of COVID-19 at the Lakeshore Hospital in Montreal's West Island after 15 patients in hospital for other health issues became infected.

At a hard-hit nursing home in Laval, almost 'war-like' conditions prompt resignations

At least four front-line staff at a long-term care home in Laval, Que., that has been beset by a severe outbreak of COVID-19 have quit their jobs in recent days. Nurse Valérie Gilbert says she's "raising the white flag" after watching some of her longtime patients suffer.

Montreal speech therapists, social workers threatened with firing if they refuse to work in seniors' homes

This week, staff with the West Central Montreal regional health authority, including physiotherapists, social workers, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists were told they were being redeployed to long-term care homes.

Orderlies worked without PPE, COVID-19 patients wandered Herron's halls for days after health agency took over

Emails obtained by CBC News indicate CHSLD Herron remained critically short-staffed after it was put into trusteeship, but the regional health agency did not take steps to fix the problem until April 8 — a week and a half after it took over.

'They said, try and keep the patients alive': Nurses overwhelmed by outbreak at Laval long-term care home

"We're experiencing this reality in Quebec, not just in Italy or Spain," one nurse working at CHSLD de Sainte-Dorothée said, where more than 100 people have contracted COVID-19.

Quebec to release COVID-19 projections, despite Horacio Arruda's reluctance to play astrologer

Quebec's public health director likens forecasting the pandemic's toll beyond April 30 is akin to casting a horoscope, however Premier Legault has insisted Quebecers need to "know where it can go in the next weeks and months."