Karolane Baillargeon gives birth, but didn't know she was pregnant

When Karolane Baillargeon went to the hospital last week with stomach cramps, she had no idea she was pregnant and about to give birth.

Went to the hospital with stomach cramps, was 39 weeks pregnant

Karolane Baillargeon gave birth last week to Annabelle, but was wheeled into the delivery room in shock, since she hadn't realized that she was pregnant. (Michel Marsolais/Radio-Canada)

When Karolane Baillargeon went to the hospital last week with stomach cramps, she had no idea she was pregnant, let alone about to give birth.​

The 25-year-old said she went to the hospital in St-Eustache, Que., about 40 kilometres north of Montreal, without a clue that she was 39 weeks pregnant.

They immediately took me to the delivery room. I was in shock.— Karolane Baillargeon

“I really wasn’t feeling well. I had major cramps. Since I had a history of cysts, my doctor had given me an appointment for an ultrasound. But during the night, the cramps were too intense, so I went to the hospital emergency room. That’s when they told me they were contractions,” Baillargeon said.

“They immediately took me to the delivery room. I was in shock.”

Baillargeon, a resident of Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac just west of St-Eustache, said she was using contraception when she got pregnant.

Her partner, Brian Lanthier, a building contractor, had dropped her off at the hospital before driving home to get some sleep.

“I had a big day the next day. But then, about half an hour later, the hospital called me to tell me she was pregnant,” Lanthier said, adding that he was completely shaken.

“The delivery went super well. We arrived at the emergency room at 2 a.m. and at 5:19 a.m. my daughter was born,” Baillargeon said.

Brian Lanthier and Karolane Baillargeon are delighted with their surprise baby. (Radio-Canada)
“They did a bunch of tests because I had not been followed, but she was in perfect health. She weighed seven pounds, 11 ounces. A big baby well hidden.”

The couple quickly agreed on a name: Annabelle.

A mystery pregnancy

Baillargeon said she’s still surprised she carried a baby to term without ever knowing she was pregnant.

“The doctors explained to me that the baby had grown mostly toward the back — toward the kidneys — so there was less swelling of the abdomen. I had gained some weight also, due to my contraception, and also due to the fact that we don’t work out and don’t eat well. So I had gained weight,” she said laughing.

Baillargeon had gained nine kilograms during her pregnancy.

“We wondered why, but my doctor told me that because of my history of cysts, that must be it. No one ever thought I was pregnant — I didn’t have a huge stomach.”

The couple wanted children, but planned to have them in the future.

Now they’re reorganizing their home to welcome Annabelle.

“It’s nine months of preparation that we never had … but as soon as we saw her, we immediately fell in love with her. There is a love and parental instinct that immediately kicks in — but, of course, we were in shock,” Baillargeon said.

Baillargeon, a university student, plans to finish her semester. Then she’ll put her next semester on hold to stay home and take care of her baby, with the help of family members.

“I feel so proud,” Lanthier said. “I have a little girl in good health and that’s all that counts.”