Julia Wine takes on Quebec government over labelling laws

A Quebec wine distributor is taking on the government over what it considers freedom of expression violations.

Wines sold at grocery, convenience stores not allowed to include year, type of grapes on label

Wines sold outside SAQ outlets face restriction on labelling which include not being able to put the year of the wine or type of grape on the label. (CBC)

A Quebec wine distributor is taking on the government for what it considers freedom of expression violations over labelling. 

Wines bought at dépanneurs and grocery stores in Quebec are not allowed to have the year of the wine, nor the type of grapes, on the label.

Wine distributor Julia Wine demands the government take action to change this.

Montreal human rights lawyer Julius Grey, who sent a lawyer's letter to the Quebec Justice Ministry, says these rules do nothing but support a state monopoly.

"The public is being deprived of information," Grey told CBC Montreal's Daybreak. "There's no question that this is a violation of freedom of expression."

He said that if the government doesn't change its regulations, Julia Wine will see this issue through to the courts. 

The SAQ, Quebec's government-run liquor board, released a statement saying it is open to a regulation change but that the decision has to be made by the government.

with files from CBC Montreal's Daybreak