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Julia Page is a radio and online journalist with CBC News, based in Quebec City.

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Mother who lost son in Lac-Mégantic disaster questions plans for railway bypass

Residents of Lac-Mégantic whose lives were overturned by the 2013 rail disaster are asking the federal and provincial governments to move the two rail yards perched above the town before they approve the construction of a new bypass.

Protesters in Quebec City say Bill 21 will 'create barriers for future generations'

Around 75 people gathered in front of Quebec's National Assembly on Tuesday to voice their ongoing opposition to Bill 21, the government's proposed ban on religious symbols in the civil service.

Community rallies to keep St-Édouard Zoo open

Former volunteers, neighbours and residents of Saint-Édouard-de-Maskinongé held a protest outside the St-Édouard Zoo Saturday to defend the owner, Normand Trahan, who was charged with animal cruelty and neglect earlier in the week.

Quebec's Wildlife Ministry says it had 'several files open' on St-Édouard Zoo

Quebec's Wildlife Ministry had inspected the St-Édouard Zoo "several times" before the owner's arrest Tuesday and had requested improvements to the living conditions of the zoo's menagerie, a ministry official said.

Zebras, lions, kangaroos among exotic animals seized at Quebec zoo

Normand Trahan, owner of the St-Édouard Zoo in central Quebec, is facing criminal charges after roughly 100 animals were seized at the business, which is officially listed as a breeding facility for poultry and livestock.

Quebec City's '3rd link' needs to be built east of downtown, says transport minister

The Legault government says it intends to build a third bridge or tunnel to connect Quebec City to the south shore in the eastern side of the city, despite results of its own study showing that more commuters travel on the west side.

Children living near Rouyn-Noranda, Que., smelter overexposed to arsenic and lead, study shows

People living near the copper smelting plant are demanding to know why it's taking the government so long to address their concerns, in the wake of a new study that shows their children have levels of the toxic metals 3.7 times higher than normal.

Build now, pay later — CAQ wants Quebec City tramway built 'in phases'

Supporters of the Quebec City tramway system are concerned the provincial government will scale back the size of the project if it starts building without having secured all the money it needs.

Hundreds gather to celebrate mass funeral for 'forgotten' people of Quebec City

Gilles Kègle, who has spent 33 years caring for Quebec City residents who would otherwise die anonymously, was 'moved' to see hundreds of people show up for a mass funeral on Friday, at the Église Saint-Roch church.

Exposure to toxic coral in home aquarium puts Quebec woman in hospital

A woman from Quebec’s Portneuf region is warning aquarium owners to be prudent when handling corals, after being poisoned while she was cleaning out her tank.

Quebec City's 'street nurse' fears city's most vulnerable could be deprived of 'dignified' burial

The Fondation Gilles Kègle Foundation in Quebec City will have to pay for twice as many funerals this year as it did in 2018 — a $100,000 increase it cannot absorb while fulfilling its main mission of feeding and caring for shut-ins.

Handmade canoe paddles from the Gaspé region shipped worldwide

A 26-year-old school teacher from the Gaspé region has combined her love for the outdoors and her passion for art to create a thriving business. Now she has a new problem: how to keep up with demand.

Mi'kmaw principal brings Indigenous learning into classroom at New Richmond, Que., high school

Staff at New Richmond High School, in the Gaspé region, go the extra mile to integrate Indigenous knowledge into the school curriculum, which they say doesn't go far enough to reflect the region's Mi'kmaw heritage.

Jigs, reels and sounds of Newfoundland resonate in Quebec classrooms

One teacher's dedication to bring traditional music workshops to schools along Quebec's Lower North Shore is highlighting the ties that bind Quebec to the music and culture of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lower North Shore health agency buys sturdier stretcher after patients deemed 'too big' for medevac flights

The mayor of Gros-Mécatina, Randy Jones, was waiting to be airlifted to Quebec City for urgent medical attention when a nurse told him, 'I don't know how to tell you this, Mr. Jones, but the medevac plane won't come to get you because you're too big.'