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Jonathan Montpetit is a journalist with CBC Montreal.

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Why reopening Montreal is a riskier bet than Legault is letting on

As Quebec continues to lift pandemic-related restrictions, some key factors that contributed to the ongoing disaster remain unaddressed.

Quebec still not hitting testing targets as Montreal prepares to reopen stores, ease restrictions

On May 1, Horacio Arruda, the province's public health director, set a new goal: 14,000 tests a day by the end of the week. Three weeks later, Quebec is still not hitting that target, and one epidemiologist says until it does, "Montreal is not ready" to reopen.

Parliament is back in session in Quebec — and it's welcome

While none of the opposition parties made the case for a radically different approach to the crisis, they did succeed in highlighting issues that urgently need the government's attention. 

How to understand the bleak predictions for what COVID-19 holds in store for Montreal

"It's still unclear whether we're on an optimistic or pessimistic slope," says Université Laval Prof. Marc Brisson, one of the researchers who modelled what lies ahead. "But what is clear is that we're in a fragile situation."

As Quebec revises reopening dates, government risks adding uncertainty to uncertain times

Quebecers, like the rest of the world, are growing accustomed to the uncertainty that's accompanied the pandemic. But they may not appreciate their government adding to that already hefty burden.

Montreal hospitals running short on space, 2 weeks from reopening

Quebec has two weeks to clear a backlog of COVID-19 patients recovering in Montreal-area hospitals, physicians say, or the city's health-care facilities won't be prepared for the reopening of schools and businesses.

As death toll mounts, Quebec Seniors' Minister Marguerite Blais faces a reckoning

There was a rare sighting at the Quebec government’s news conference on Tuesday: Seniors' and Caregivers’ Minister Marguerite Blais, who declared she is now willing to accept “my share of the responsibility” for the ongoing disaster in long-term care homes.

Why Legault's plan to reopen Quebec leaves some more anxious than others

The early days of the COVID-19 crisis suited the premier's decisive brand of leadership. Now, with the path forward less obvious, consulting more widely might go a long way toward easing Quebecers' generalized anxiety.

COVID-19 in Quebec: Under increasing fire, premier postpones reopening of Montreal retail stores

Quebec Premier François Legault said crowded Montreal hospitals prompted the decision announced Monday to wait another two weeks before allowing most stores to reopen in the greater Montreal region.

English schools want flexibility about when to reopen, but Quebec government says no

Premier François Legault's government says English school boards in the province do not have the power to delay opening their elementary schools, despite concerns that resources won't be in place to ensure the safe return of students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 in Quebec: Travel restrictions to be lifted in most regions over month of May

“Discipline will be key,” said Geneviève Guilbault, Quebec’s deputy premier, as she outlined plans to ease travel restrictions within the province, beginning May 4.

Why Legault feels it's safe to reopen economy, even though Quebec hit hardest by COVID-19

At the outset of the pandemic, Quebec moved quicker than most in shutting down schools and most of its economy. Now, more than a month later, the province is again distinguishing itself, by setting out a firm timeline for phasing out those measures.

COVID-19 in Quebec: 'Life must go on,' says premier, outlining plan to reopen schools gradually

Premier François Legault said for the good of children, especially those with learning difficulties, the Quebec government is moving forward with a plan to begin opening schools in the coming weeks, beginning May 11 with elementary schools outside greater Montreal.

Why ending Quebec's COVID-19 lockdown could mean freedom for some, but not all

As Quebec prepares to enter Phase 2 of the pandemic, Premier François Legault faces an ethical dilemma. To avoid another wave of contagion, he will likely have to choose who gets their freedoms back and who must wait.

COVID-19 in Quebec: With long-term care homes still short-staffed, premier asks Ottawa for 1,000 soldiers

Premier François Legault said the province has not been able to find enough trained workers to meet the immediate needs at its besieged long-term care institutions, even after bringing in 350 medical specialists and others to help out.