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Jonathan Montpetit is a journalist with CBC Montreal. He is currently covering the federal election in Quebec.

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An introduction to the new Quebec nationalism and the tricks it plays on federal leaders

The new nationalism in Quebec is a political mindset that has displaced sovereignty as the main alternative to federalism and, as the first week of the campaign has already made clear, will define how the leaders court votes in the province this fall. 

Muslim group sounds alarm over 'human error' in Quebec City police's hate-crime numbers

A Muslim civil liberties group is calling on Quebec City police to take hate crimes more seriously, after the police force blamed "human error" for a large discrepancy between their own records and those provided by Statistics Canada. 

As Quebec cuts immigration, businesses turn to temporary foreign workers

Businesses in Quebec are increasingly turning to temporary foreign workers to help counter the acute labour shortage facing the province, a development experts say is unsustainable and puts workers in a vulnerable position.

François Legault endorsed a book by a hardline conservative. Here's why that matters

A common knock against Quebec Premier François Legault is that he is a politician without an ideology. His recent reading list suggests otherwise.

Video of man taunting mom, daughter with slurs prompts more worries about racial tensions in Quebec

A white man accosted an Arabic-speaking woman and her two-year-old daughter earlier this week, uttering racial slurs and sexually violent threats in broad daylight on a Montreal street, and the incident was captured on cellphone video and widely circulated.

Federal agency staff cleared of wrongdoing in internal SNC-Lavalin bribery investigation

Staff at Export Development Canada were unaware that money it was lending to engineering giant SNC-Lavalin could have financed bribes in Angola, the Crown corporation said Thursday.

Andrew Scheer treads a thin, blue line by courting Quebec nationalists

In the wake of the province's secularism law, the Bloc Québécois's stubborn popularity could make life difficult for the Tories in Quebec.

Are there still NDP voters in a province that just passed a religious symbols law? Singh looks to find out

Quebec's new law on religious symbols makes minorities feel like they don't belong in the province, says Jagmeet Singh, and he wants to be the one to lead opposition to the legislation in Ottawa.

Quebec's religious symbols law passes 1st legal test as judge refuses injunction

A Quebec Superior Court justice has rejected a request to temporarily suspend parts of the province's new religious symbols law, upholding a ban on the wearing of hijabs, kippahs or other religious gear by some civil servants.

Quebec's new plan to fix labour shortage will create 'two-tiered' immigration system, Ottawa warns

Immigrants to Quebec seeking to bring extended family to Canada may have to wait at least twice as long to be reunited with them if François Legault goes forward with a new plan to take in more immigrants hand-picked to meet the province's labour needs. 

Investigate complaints of racial profiling by Repentigny police, activists urge Quebec

Some black residents of Repentigny, Que., accuse local police of repeated acts of racial profiling — a situation anti-racism advocates say demands a response from the provincial government.

Quebec forced to defend religious symbols law in court for first time

The Quebec government can’t “with a straight face” claim its new religious symbols law won’t have any harmful effects, a Superior Court judge was told Tuesday. 
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As fight over Quebec's religious symbols law shifts to courts, legal experts debate best way to challenge it

Opponents of Bill 21 now have to confront the following question: How do you argue a law is unconstitutional without appealing to Charter?

Quebec premier shrugs off charge new religious symbols law makes Muslim women more vulnerable to racism

Quebec Premier François Legault tells CBC he doesn't "really" believe Muslim women in the province who say they've been the target of Islamophobic incidents since the government passed its anti-religious symbols law.

Did Quebec take a populist turn with its new religious symbols law?

The word is loaded, wildly overused and highly contested. But perhaps the time has come to consider whether populism is an appropriate term to describe the recent turn in Quebec politics.