Montreal racing community raising money for Jimmy Rotondo, killed in trucking accident

Members of Montreal’s racing community are rallying to help out the family of Jimmy Rotondo, a local driver who was killed in a two-truck collision Thursday.

Rotondo died in two-truck collision on Highway 13, leaving behind pregnant girlfriend

Friend Manu Brissette said Rotondo, a truck driver on a drift team, was beloved in the racing community and was known to lend a helping hand whenever he could. (Submitted by Manu Brissette)

Members of Montreal's racing community are rallying to help the family of Jimmy Rotondo, a beloved driver who was killed in a two-truck collision Thursday.

Rotondo, 28, was driving on Highway 13 near St-Martin Boulevard when police say his truck rammed into another one in front of him.

He was pronounced dead at the hospital, leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend.

"Jimmy would've been a wonderful father, he would've been amazing," said Manu Brissette, a friend of Rotondo's.

Rotondo was involved in drifting — a motorsport where drivers intentionally oversteer, causing their vehicle to 'drift.' 

He was a truck driver for Dave Brigg's professional drifting team.

Brissette remembered his friend as an easy-going person who was into the ATV racing scene in Montreal and ready to lend a helping hand whenever he could.

"During his race, he would stop racing just to help somebody that he doesn't even know that's stuck there," Brissette said.

"That shows a lot because it's a competitive business and when you get off your quad just to help somebody, you could lose the race."

Over $17K raised in 2 days

Montreal's racing community is now returning those favours. The website has started a fundraising campaign for Rotondo's girlfriend and their unborn child.

After the initial target of $5,000 was reached quickly, organizers now hope to raise $25,000.

"It hasn't shown any signs of dropping off," said Danny Geraghty of

"My intention was to leave it on as long as possible to allow the word to reach as many people as possible,"  Geraghty said.

Manu Brissette said his friend Jimmy Rotondo "would've been a wonderful father." (CBC)
As of Saturday, just two days after it was created, Rotondo's GoFundMe page had already amassed over $17,000.

"Money doesn't bring back Jimmy, ever," said Brissette, but it will be one less thing Rotondo's girlfriend has to worry about.

Brissette hopes Rotondo's unborn child will grow up to know "that he was the best person in the world."

Rotondo's funeral is to be held March 10.