Jeremy Searle, NDG councillor, kicked out of council meeting

Coun. Jeremy Searle denies he was drunk when he was removed from a borough council meeting on Monday after he kissed a colleague and showed signs of being under the influence.
Jeremy Searle was asked to leave a Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce council meeting on Monday evening (CBC)

Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce councillor Jeremy Searle was removed from a borough council meeting on Monday after showing signs of being under the influence.

Searle kissed his colleague, councillor Magda Popeanu, during the meeting.

Shortly afterwards, borough mayor Russell Copeman called councillors into a private meeting.

When they returned, the mayor publicly asked Searle to leave the meeting. Copeman said that he suspected Searle was inebriated, and said his conduct with Popeanu was unacceptable.

Searle denies being drunk.

After a verbal altercation between Copeman and Searle, police were called. When they arrived, Searle composed himself, left the council table, and watched the rest of the proceedings from the gallery area.

Searle was 'pretty tanked' according to fellow councillor

Coun. Marvin Rotrand was at the meeting on Monday. 

"He was pretty tanked last night," said Rotrand.

"It was apparent from the moment he came in, which was about 15 minutes late."

Rotrand says being intoxicated at council meeting is unacceptable.

"If he wants to drink on his own time, that's fine. But at a borough council meeting, or at a city council meeting, where he's there to represent his citizens— not just to show up, but to represent his citizens — you can't be tanked at the meeting."

However, Searle said he has done nothing wrong. 

"We had police there. They've got their breath-testing. They could've done that if they wanted to, right?"

Searle says he kissed his fellow councillor out of friendship.

This is the second time Searle has faced consequences for appearing impaired during a council meeting.

In May, the councillor was asked by the mayor to take a leave of absence. Searle refused, saying he was seeking appropriate help on his own.