Jennifer Yoon

Jennifer Yoon is a journalist at CBC Montreal.

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Concordia exhibition uses art to understand organ transplants

Can an organ transplant change your identity? A new exhibition and research symposium at Concordia examines human organ transplantation through an interdisciplinary lens.

'What we leave behind': Refugees in Montreal paint a picture of their lives before Canada

Adnan Al Mhamied, who left his sister behind in Syria, is one of several refugees in Montreal telling us about all that he left behind when he fled in 2014.

'Aging Gayfully' working to shatter LGBTQ taboos in Quebec retirement homes

Aging Gayfully, now in its 10th year of operation, works to make seniors' residences a more welcoming environment for the LGBTQ community.

Asylum seekers in Montreal build community by helping each other

The Welcome Collective helped asylum seekers with their bare necessities. Now, the refugees they helped are stepping up to help others.

Mural painter brings Cambodian-Chinese family roots to Montreal streets

Bryan Beyung began as a graffiti artist in his teen years. Now, he travels the world beautifying walls, in his native Montreal and as far away as the country his parents once fled, Cambodia.

More should be done to warn public about Jean-Larose River's dangers: Quebec coroner

More should be done to warn the public about the dangers of a river near Quebec City. That's the conclusion of a coroner's report investigating the drowning death of Maïté Viens, 21.

'There is no alternative right now': Montreal bar that doesn't serve alcohol to open in July

Co-owner Isabel Tames decided to open Mindful Bar, a no-alcohol bar in Montreal to create a space for those who wanted to have fun sober night out.

'We want to have some answers': Quebec mayors press provincial government for flood compensation

Montreal-area mayors and deputy mayors say they feel optimistic about Quebec's flood compensation plan after meeting with Quebec Public Security Minster Geneviève Guilbault.

Homegrown heroines: 6 Montrealers to honour on International Women's Day

On this International Women's Day, get to know more about several Montreal women who were trailblazers in their respective fields.

Meet the millennials grieving for the future of planet Earth

A group of 20 people, mostly made up of millennials, sit in a circle for a biweekly ecological grief circle: a space where they can talk about future of the planet.

Expect more wacky weather, longer and more frequent cold snaps: McGill scientist

Atmospheric scientist Eyad Atallah says this week's frigid temperatures, heavy snow and rain indicates a weather pattern Montrealers should come to expect — more frequent bouts of heavy precipitation and a shifting Arctic air mass.

Mi'kmaw artist hosts Indigenous literature book club at Mile End's Drawn and Quarterly

Montreal's Tara McGowan-Ross asked herself what she could do to contribute to the "Indigenous renaissance," coming up with a way to promote conversations around Indigenous literature.

Two Quebec filmmakers receive first-ever Academy Award nominations

Jeremy Comte's Fauve and Marianne Farley's Marguerite are competing against each other for the Oscar for best short live action film.

Pile snow on lawns, not on the street, urges mayor of CDN-NDG

Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery says residents need a permit to dump snow from their driveways onto the street, but it's difficult to enforce that bylaw unless someone's caught in the act.

What do you do if your pet gets its paws on your pot stash?

With cannabis becoming legal this week, Montreal veterinarian urge pet owners to take precautions to make sure their pets don't become intoxicated on cannabis.