Jenique Dalcourt's friends and family say goodbye

Friends and family gathered at a Longueuil funeral home Thursday to mourn the passing of Jenique Dalcourt.

Father John Gandolfo demands answers from authorities

Jenique Dalcourt was walking home along a dimly lit bike path when she was assaulted. She died a short while later in hospital. (Radio-Canada)

Friends and family gathered at a Longueuil funeral home Thursday to mourn the passing of Jenique Dalcourt.

The 23-year-old woman died in the early morning hours of Oct. 22, following a brutal attack while walking home late the night before.

Father John and brother Nick Gandolfo said they were frustrated by the lack of communication and perceived action from the Longueuil police and district attorney. (Radio-Canada)

She was beaten with a blunt object by an unknown assailant while walking along the bike path that runs through Paul Pratt Park in Old Longueuil.

"It was really nice. We had a nice service for her," said Dalcourt's father, John Gandolfo.

"Jen is going to be missed very much by her family and friends. We love her. Now we have to heal," he said.

'It's really unfair'

Since her death, Longueuil residents and others have regularly visited the site where she was found, holding vigils, lighting candles and laying flowers in a makeshift memorial to Dalcourt.

At a vigil held Tuesday night, hundreds of people gathered at the bike path to pay their respects. Some participated in a five-kilometre walk or run, while others stood quietly and mourned.

Her mother, Monique Dalcourt, attended the vigil.

"It's really unfair. I don't know what else to say. There are no words," she said of her daughter's violent death.

Family demands answers

Dalcourt's father John, as well as her brother, Nick Gandolfo, spoke after the ceremony.

A memorial to Jenique Dalcourt has sprung up at the site where she was brutally attacked last week. (Radio-Canada)

They expressed frustration at the lack of information being passed on to them by the police and Crown prosecutor.

"We want some answers," said John Gandolfo.

"I got more off the news than I have from the authorities, and it hurts because as a parent, you want answers. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who are parents," he added.

"This could be your daughter. This could be you, walking down the path. This could have happened to anybody. She was an innocent person coming home from work, and she was brutally attacked and murdered."

Longueuil police say they understand the family wants answers.

"Our investigators have been in contact every day with Jenique's mother and even met the family at the funeral home," said a statement released Thursday afternoon by the Longueuil police department.

"Jenique's loved ones wish to have more information, which we cannot unfortunately provide to them at this point in the investigation."

On Sunday, police arrested a suspect in connection to Dalcourt’s killing. However, the Crown asked for the suspect’s release the following day, due to a lack of evidence.

Longueuil police said they still consider the man to be an important witness. 

The investigation and search for evidence continues.